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Every Happytoebox pair of shoes is made with a balance of Design, Craftsmanship & find their inspiration in trying to influence moments of joy in day-to-day life for you .


The shoes are a combination of craftsman keen attention to detail and traditional techniques. While designing, every creative expression honors the age old tradition yet combines the new techniques of shoe making to deliver uncompromised quality, comfort & style to you.


Handmade with Joy in our factory, each pair is made by artisans who are passionate about their crafts and believe in the moments of simplicity with joy.

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With the mindset to care for your feet with the same attention you would for a loved one, we create aesthetically attractive yet functional comfortable shoes in impeccable quality at pocket friendly prices that distinctively sets us apart from the norm.

With our manufacturing strength, the entire shoe making process right from designing, pattern cutting, edging, stitching, sole preparation & finishing is done in-house with lot of care, passion and attention to detail. 

At Happytoebox, we put in a lot of effort and joyful ‘soul’ into our designs. Choosing the right colour and material helps us make the perfect pair of shoes that brings joy to your steps! 


All our shoes are meticulously handcrafted by artisans whose skills are passed down from generation to generation, highlighting the value of its skilled labor.


To give you a feeling of “Joy of Walking” each shoe is checked and tested before launching. This special care is taken to ensure the product lasts long & adds value to you.


Happytoebox has always strived to achieve mastery in every aspect of creation and provide women around the world shoes of the highest quality & comfort.

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