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Christmas Gift


At Happytoebox, we believe giving the perfect gift should be as happy of an experience as receiving one.
We hope to deliver a little more “happy” to the world by making it easier to celebrate any moment with gifts built specific to each recipient. 

Whether, it’s a birthday gift, bridesmaid gift or corporate client gifts, we have custom gift solutions that work for any occasion, on any budget. 

Send us a message and we will spark the “Joy of Gifting” in you! 

Choose From Curated Happy Gift Boxes


We focus too much on the ‘Wow Factor’. We let our own desires guide us and be a sentimental Santa. To create uniqueness, we add a personal touch that creates an exclusive, original and high quality product.


We also believe in shining light on the creativity and talent of others by curating & collaborating ,so when you buy from us , you’re supporting many others as well .It just takes a moment of touch to create beautiful memorable experiences , so talk to us !